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Balance Business Growth and Present Parenting with Kimberly Miles

Kimberly Miles

Owner and Founder

CEO at KNM Virtual Solutions

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Your marketing sidekick to balance business growth and present parenting!

Busy mompreneurs can eliminate the battle between growing a business and being a fully present mother by gaining a "third hand" for their marketing, content creation, and social media. Limited support can make business development seem impossible but with Kimberly’s support, encouragement, and diverse skill set - you can have it all!

As a single mom to an amazing little boy, Kimberly knows firsthand how difficult it is to not only start but also grow a business with limited (if any) support. Kimberly seeks to actually get to know you and helps to provide emotional support to the actual person on the other side of the business. For her, it's not about the money but about providing that extra pair of hands that will help her clients spend more time with their children, their families, and themselves.

That part is crucial - fill your own cup.

For Kimberly, that looks like beach walks and dancing. For you that could be a warm bath and a good book. Whatever it is, Kimberly is motivated to ensure that the marketing side of your business gets taken care of while you do it.

Another part of self-care involves standing up for what is right - human rights. The Black Lives Matter movement is one on which Kimberly will not budge:

“Black lives represent me, my son, my family, and several of my friends. If a stranger can be mistreated and lose their lives for the colour of their skin then something is very wrong.”

Your skin colour is something that can NOT be controlled. Discrimination, harassment, and abuse of someone due to this difference is ignorant and short-sighted. To support Kimberly and all those who stand together as advocates for this social justice, you are encouraged to educate yourself about the cause, the history of blacks in America (and everywhere else in the world), and the racism and discrimination that all too many people face daily. Then, go DO something about it! Go out and talk to people, involve yourself, and make a difference!

This passion and solution-focused way of thinking is exactly the type of empowered work ethic that Kimberly brings into her business foundations. If you are struggling with "work-life balance" as a mompreneur then Kimberly wants to help. In fact, she offers a few ways you can begin to overcome that struggle in her free guide blog to get you started on this journey.

When you’re ready to take the next step in optimizing your marketing and business growth while maintaining a strong connection with the people who matter most to you, hop on a "Get to Know You" session with Kimberly and get the wheels in motion.


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