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Avoid burnout with simplicity and joy with Claire DB

Claire DB

Claire DB Coaching

Transformational Therapist & Business Mindset Coach

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Avoid burnout with simplicity and joy to amplify your impact in life and business.

Claire helps you to reclaim your time, settle your mind, and indulge in the pleasures of progress. Coming from a long history of clinical and personal experience, Claire guides you in simplifying your every day while taking advantage of the therapeutic effects that creative expression holds. Exploring the possibility of calm, intentional, and impactful living never felt so real.

Claire’s background as a clinician in art therapy - alongside her personal success story - prompted her to focus on supporting those who are chronically ill and/or disabled so that they can amplify their impact in all that they do. Although she offers paid programs that guide her clients to the next level of success, Claire also provides preliminary, free support to those in need through her online community: The Creative Alchemy Group.

Every Friday, she offers free group art therapy sessions to help her disabled community to heal without having to spend all of their government assistance on private therapy sessions. It’s something she will never budge on and will work her butt off to continue to be able to do for her community. If you or someone you know could benefit from this, Claire welcomes you with open arms and insists that ZERO artistic skills are required. It’s not about the destination AT ALL. It’s about the journey - the time that you spend using your hands in focused concentration is the best help. Much like meditation, this form of therapy is an incredibly effective way to move through your problems.

Why is Claire so passionate about helping this community? Because she knows what it’s like. Claire has a connective tissue disorder that makes it extremely easy to dislocate joints and causes fatigue. She has a seizure disorder as well - all of which were misdiagnosed for 8 years. After being told that nothing would improve for her and she was destined to face this uphill battle for all of her life, Claire experienced many episodes of burnout until she finally got the therapy she needed to push past the negative effects of her condition and realize the potential in every day.

Interestingly, no one pushed therapy as a support mechanism for Claire but she wishes they had! Transformed, she went back to school to learn and share the skills and experience that would help so many others. Claire attributes a heavy bulk of her healing to art therapy which is why she, in turn, supports others through difficult times using this skill as well. Managing your stress in this way will totally change your life and turn you into a regular powerhouse!

What’s one of Claire’s favourite dopamine boosting tricks?

Her favourite way to stay sane is to paint and draw a small piece of art (which she completes) for at least 10 minutes a day; when you complete it you get a boost of dopamine!

After discovering a trend that a lot of entrepreneurs were coming to her as a ‘last chance saloon’ to save them from burnout, she realized how much more effective it would be to address the stress long before the burnout phase started. She is so driven and dedicated to helping women who are in the same position she was in almost 10 years ago that she shared a video with tips about How to Avoid Burnout like the Plague.

One of the best ways to get to know how passionate Claire is about serving her clients and accelerating their success is to join her ClaireDB Coaching Facebook Community. If you want to have an amazing chat to learn all about her garden retreats with her dearest kitty and maybe share a laugh or three about Stephen Colbert’s Harvey Birdman then book a call to see where this amazing connection takes you!


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