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Authentic Branding, Graphics, & Content Repurposing with Jenna Stokes

Jenna Stokes

Graphic Designer + Content Manager

CEO at Jenna Stokes Creative

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Authentic branding, graphics, and content repurposing that gets you noticed!

Marketing your business confidently and consistently online has never been easier. Jenna sits with you like an old friend to strategize the best way for you to strut your stuff in the digital world in a way that feels right to you. Heart-centred and personalized, Jenna ensures that your branding will showcase your personality while appealing to the clients you were meant to serve.

A wife, mama to 3 boys, and a lover of DIY projects, Jenna can often be found wandering the aisles of Target, hitting up one of her favourite antique shops, or grabbing margaritas with a friend. She loves spending time with her family, attending and participating in sporting events with her friends in the community, some of whom she met during some challenging times in her life.

After her 3rd child was unexpectedly born 2 months premature, she became all too aware of just how quickly things can change in a normal, healthy pregnancy. She was able to find others in her community who experienced similar complications and they grew close with one another in mutual support. Ever since that traumatic event, Jenna has been an avid supporter of the March of Dimes. In fact, it is her goal to develop a local support network and charity for those in need of postnatal support for their premature babies and the growth of her business has been pivotal in her freedom to develop this project. Unfortunately, this freeing, entrepreneurial lifestyle wasn’t always the way for Jenna.

After feeling stuck in an unfulfilling corporate career (because it was "safe"), she unexpectedly - and ironically - lost her job and finally decided to follow her dreams. Sometimes it takes a big shift to really give your head a shake and do what you knew all along was meant for you. This was just the shift Jenna needed and she has never been happier to have more time available for her family, while truly feeling like she is able to help other women build the businesses they are passionate about too.

Through branding, graphics and content repurposing, Jenna helps female entrepreneurs market their business confidently and consistently online. She will be the first to remind you that your ideal client is purchasing from YOU....not your logo so make sure your branding and marketing showcase your personality and how it relates to the clients you want to serve. You don’t have to have it all figured out, that’s what Jenna’s here for - she wants you to be excited about coming to your monthly content planning session, knowing that you will have someone to bounce ideas around with and that you will have all of your graphics branded and complete with a quick turnaround!

Always ready to dive in, Jenna would love to hear all about your brand message. So, book a call today and meet up with your new branding and graphics idea implementor!


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