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Attract Your Tribe & Make a Bigger Impact with Maria Krause

Maria C. Krause

Maria C. Krause Coaching & Unchain Your Inner Strength Publisher

Spiritual Mindset & Alignment Mentor & Publisher, Editor in Chief

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Attract your tribe and make a bigger impact!

Maria uses her remarkable experiences to encourage and teach spiritual entrepreneurs how to share their own unique stories to heal, inspire and attract their tribe and make a bigger impact. Your message is worth sharing and so many people are waiting to hear it. Maria helps you leave a lasting legacy of empowerment and strength in this world.

Helping women strip shame and guilt from their past to re-discover their inner and outer beauty and create the life and business they love is where Maria truly shines. There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ for Maria. She creates one-of-a-kind strategies that guide you on a custom journey to get to know yourself better and figure out what's in alignment with your soul so you can move forward and create from a place of love and flow.

Allowing your past or what you do for a living define who you are will only put unnecessary, seemingly invisible barriers up against our personal and professional growth. Maria is a huge believer that we can all do whatever we set our minds and souls to do. She loves books and that's why she became a writer. Helping other women become writers too emerged passionately from her bibliophile nature. Maria’s love of music and dancing radiate joy to all who join her and when life throws curveballs, she goes for a jog as a way of meditation while indulging in her love for nature. In fact, Maria claims to get most of her ideas and breakthroughs when she spends time alone in the forest.

In every journey, there are some key steps to reaching individual goals. In the

Essential Guide to grow your Biz Organically, Maria shares some of these vital elements of scaling your business in a way that feels authentic to you and your core values. She also shares innumerable tips, tricks, and inspiring stories in her podcast UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH where she interviews some amazing women who have overcome obstacles and made ripples in their life and business.

Her kind heart spreads far beyond just supporting spiritual entrepreneurs. Maria also advocates for two charities: DoggyTrust, which rehomes and cares for animals and O.U.R.9 Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit that helps fight against child abuse and trafficking. Maria is a strong believer in being kind and compassionate, never judging and always listening carefully to what people are saying - directly or indirectly. Everyone's fighting their own battle and not everyone will say it - even when they might need help. She urges you to keep it simple and just treat everyone the way you'd like to be treated.

If you’re looking for a dynamic chat with the potential for life-changing realizations, hop on a call with Maria and dive into the next level of soulful legacy creation.


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