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Attract & Win High-end Clients with Maryanne Mbuya

Maryanne Mbuya

Lead Generation & Live Launch Assistant

CEO at LeadUP Digital

LeadUP Digital

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Attract and win high-end clients with organic marketing that feels right!

Maryanne helps coaches, consultants and service providers to attract and win high-end clients with The 4 Cup Client Creation Method. She uses organic marketing that doesn’t come across as pushy, pitchy or salesy and also implements strategies that are aligned with your unique business vision for growth. Maryanne uses her relationship-building superpower to amp-up your human connection which increases engagement and motivates leads to invest in your services.

A curious person, Maryanne is solution-focused and ready to get to the root of any human connection issues you may be experiencing. She believes in digging deep and providing long-lasting resolutions, peeling away any complications that arise in your lead generation process. Her practice in mindful living allows her to resonate more deeply with the people you are looking to attract, connect with, and serve.

Maryanne’s ability to attract and empower others doesn’t end at the end of her workday. Leading with her heart, she has teamed up with a good friend to provide a mentorship community for the children in her neighbourhood. At these gatherings, she helps to teach the kids about love, kindness, and respect as well as how to use these empathetic skills to create a life lead with gratitude and fulfillment in the service of others.

Serving others and providing value wherever possible is what helps launch your business as well. Do you want to make more sales in the online world? Maryanne has the simple solution:

Show up daily, start conversations, and work to woo the algorithm.

Reach out and be active where your clients already are. Respond to every single comment left on your posts and go comment on other people’s posts too - the algorithm likes that. It can be time-consuming but the ROI in leads and subsequent sales are so worth the effort!

Then, once you’ve established a community of interested viewers and you’re ready to launch your offer, Maryanne’s team steps in and takes all the stress off of the tedious back-end engagement work so you can focus on showing up and serving your people. She does all of the social media posting, tagging, DMing, insights, and lead tracking which lets you direct all of your attention to closing sales and boosting your bottom-line.

Attracting and winning more high-end clients in a way that feels good and transformative is made simple with Maryanne’s help. Connect with her today and have more people knocking on your virtual business door in no time.

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