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Attract New Customers, Get Stronger Visibility, and Boost Sales with Eri Hariono

Eri Hariono

CEO & Founder at Aldana MarCom

SEO & Web Strategist

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Attract new customers, get stronger visibility, and boost sales!

As a high-achieving, impact-driven, and intuitive entrepreneur, you want to organically grow your business visibility and lead generation so you can make massive ripples in the digital world. Eri provides extensive market research, customized to you and your clients’ needs, to discover profitable SEO marketing keywords to amplify your business reach. She uses her skills to reveal your ideal clients’ burning questions which will provide the fuel to enhance conversion and boost sales!

Simplifying your online market research using proven strategies that bring results makes the task of developing a profitable SEO keyword list easy as pie. Getting rid of complex software and complicated technology lends a personal, humanized touch to help discover the burning questions that your ideal customers have so that you can answer them with your offer. This progressive approach also allows you to craft compelling messaging and social media content that drives additional traffic to your offers.

Hailing from 18,000+ islands of the archipelago at the equator line, Eri’s upbringing was and still is diverse and filled with opportunity. There are more than 300 ethnic groups with 600+ local languages and 5 religions. However, they only speak one national language, Bahasa Indonesia. The effect this has had on her business skills has been profound! Adaptable and inquisitive, Eri is a problem solver at heart. She loves digging into the rabbit hole that is the online space. Her passion is to get detailed insights and information to scrutinize challenging problems and seek win-win solutions when in business growth and development.

Since the day she could read, Eri’s days have been filled with books, novels, comics, magazines & newspapers. What started with Agatha Christie and her legendary detective, Hercule Poirot, quickly evolved into textbooks and other professional literature that lead her to the entrepreneurial life she now leads. Like the well-known quote, "Curiosity killed the cat," Eri resonates with this feline inquisitive motivation and absolutely loves the animal she frequently sees in her hometown.

In order to support the people in that same community, Eri, together with a close friend, has been focusing on helping local brick and mortar businesses to get through and even thrive during unpredictable times. Unfortunately, not all local businesses can be transitioned 100% online but Eri is there, doing the work that needs to be done on their websites to give them a fighting chance.

Always thinking of the big picture, Eri replicates her work around the world by optimizing your website so it can be easily found on Google while simultaneously performing the necessary market research to ensure that when people arrive, they buy!

You don't need to be famous as a Hollywood celebrity for a strong online presence.

You just need your business to be popular in the eyes of organic search engines and the ideal clients you wish to serve.

-Eri Hariono-

Eri’s strategy for high-converting websites, SEO & online market research allows high-achieving female entrepreneurs to attract new customers, get stronger visibility, and boost sales. You could be next - Save 6 Months of Your Time Digging The Rabbit Hole by Having a Done For You Digital Market Research Ready At Your Fingertips - Eri’s Proven Methods Will Do The Work!


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