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Abundance, Happiness, & Freedom are at Your Fingertips with Beverly Wixon

Dr. Beverly Wixon

CEO & Money Mindset coach

Unleash Your Abundance

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Abundance, happiness, and freedom are at your fingertips!

Ditch the stifling limitations that come with feeling perpetually broke and learn to love life in the present while creating a prosperous future. You were created for abundance but society seems programmed for lack. Pinching pennies and stressing about your bank account does not bring you financial security. Finding your way to financial freedom is a beach with Dr. Beverly Wixon.

A former English teacher, Beverly uses her educational background to help people come to terms with their finances. As a Money Mindset Mentor & Coach, she helps women go from feeling perpetually broke, financially stuck, and worried about their future to feeling abundant, fulfilled, and happy on a daily basis. With the freedom to make choices from a place of love and security, Beverly’s clients can enjoy life in the present while they create their ideal future.

Beach days and Disney World trips are where you’ll find Beverly living her most blissful present but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an eye for the future. Her ambitious and giving teacher’s heart has led Beverly to create a college scholarship in the name of her high school class. Beverly is working to make this scholarship into an endowment so it will perpetually keep giving to those who qualify.

We were created to be abundant, yet we've been programmed for lack. Beverly urges you to be grateful and to be a responsible steward of all that you've been given thus far. This is the first step toward inviting abundance into your world with greater ease and grace. Her YouTube videos help to guide you on this journey as well.

You’ll leave sessions with Beverly feeling positively uplifted and fully capable of moving forward with simple, practical strategies. Add a dash of woo and your soul will be filled with the splendours of everyday magic.

Beverly practices what she preaches as she gratefully takes hold of the changes life has brought to her in these preliminary years of her business. One of which is a newfound love for Zoom and meeting new people from all around the globe. Every coffee chat creates new, splendid opportunities to learn, grow, and realize new potential for growth. Book a call today!


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