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5 Ways to Keep Showing Up Even When You’re Uninspired

After spending over three months in an extensive renovation of all the main living areas of my home, you could say that it’s been tricky to feel inspired to show up consistently in my business - but I did. It’s not because I’m some sort of superheroine, or because I have some magic method, or even because I’ve outsourced things while life was upsidedown. I managed it by applying real-life, practical, and actionable strategies that work.

Juggling three rambunctious children and their activities, plus the various roles I play outside of motherhood and entrepreneurship, adding an elaborate renovation into the mix had me quaking in my booties for the possibility of being a content strategist who fails to show up for her audience. This presented a fabulous opportunity to further put my strategies to the test with more pressure than the average person creating content for business.

Challenge accepted, obstacles circumvented, and success achieved!

These months have been looonnngg. We lived in the basement of our small home, the 5 of us (one potty training at the time) using the laundry room as a make-shift kitchen with the only bathroom two floors up - and that was the least of our rollercoaster life events of the summer. Yet, I showed up 7 days a week and gave tips, tricks, inspiration, and empowerment to any and all who listened (or read).

How!?! It’s not as complicated as it seems. In fact, I wanted to title this post “Renos & Writing” for the quirky and unique alliterative power of those words because it truly just took some fun and different perspectives on the process to make sure that the plan worked even in difficult times.

Okay, enough of my story.

Here are your 5 ways to keep showing up even when you’re uninspired.

  1. Inspiration is everywhere

The rain hitting your office window, the flower growing through a crack in the sidewalk or the noise of a nail gun during a client call; all of these things have the power to make fantastic content if you look at it from the right perspective. Being open-minded and willing to approach the world with the intention of being inspired will completely change the way you look at content creation. When you are willing to see and draw attention to connections between seemingly unrelated events, you will have unlocked the superpower of finding inspiration in your everyday.

  1. Spread the love

Even when you have the ability to see beauty every day, there will be dry spells when you are simply not feeling it. That is OKAY - as long as you’re prepared. You can stay consistent in your content creation by using your moments of inspiration wisely. Like the ants who save for winter while the grasshopper frolics around in the abundance of summer, you can weather the harsh cold of your dry spells by saving elements of your inspired ideas for a later date. Not everything needs to be shared all at once. In fact, oversharing can have the opposite effect that you want in your business by confusing and/or overwhelming your audience. Instead, use tools such as Pinterest boards, swipe files, and even the handy-dandy notepad (google Docs/Sheets will work too!) to save some of your great ideas for later.

  1. Be authentic

Share your story to give people the chance to get to know you better. This helps to establish the Know-Like-Trust factor which encourages your followers to dive deeper into your world and increases the chances of them investing in your services. If life is kicking your butt, let them know and show them how you’re dealing with the situation. This can be a great opportunity to build character which influences your reputation, personally and professionally. I’m not an advocate for airing dirty laundry but if you can tell a true story about overcoming life’s obstacles (bonus points for relating it to what you do in business) then you’re winning the content game, for sure!

  1. Have a strategy

There are many ways to create a plan of action in your content to ensure that you’re showing up consistently and confidently. You need to do what works best for YOU. By generating a Custom Content Growth Strategy, you can ensure that you’re not only delivering value to your audience on a regular, maintainable basis but you’re also aimed to expand and grow your reach without expanding your workday. As a huge advocate of working smarter, not harder, this methodology changes the digital marketing game by using content repurposing and intentionally prioritized content creation to minimize work and maximize engagement aimed at scaling your business exponentially.

  1. Take a break

Whether you pull back your posting frequency or take a full step back from your content marketing, taking time to practice self-care is always - ALWAYS - an option. Listen to your mind, body, and spirit so you know when it’s time to take a break. The online world will be there when you come back. Additionally, if it’s in the cards for you, consider outsourcing your content for a while (you may find you like the freedom!). You can ask a friend or family member to post on your behalf so you don’t just disappear completely - or you can hire a professional to take care of all the back-end content strategy so that your sales funnel is still chugging along while you tend to your needs.

Implementing one or all of these methods will take you through some of the more difficult times in your business journey with regards to being consistent and effective in your content marketing.

If I can do it, you can do it too. Consistently showing up in your business doesn’t mean showing up every day, multiple times a day. It means showing up as your best self as frequently as you can do so with regularity. If that’s weekly, every other day, daily, or any other combination of comfortable confidence that works for you then go nuts - own it!

Show up and do what you love as only you can do it.

As always, lead with kindness.

If you have any questions about writers’ block, feeling uninspired, and being consistent, confident, and effective in using your content marketing strategy to generate leads in your business then feel free to book a complimentary strategy call to go over your unique situation.

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