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3 Simple Content Types that Boost Engagement

Emotions are the driving force behind effective copywriting and engaging content marketing. If you are hoping to get more eyes on your business through increased likes, follows, comments (& subsequent leads with a boost to your bottom-line) then you need to optimize your content to appeal to your audience’s emotions.

There are a variety of formatting options for the types of posts that will really grab the attention of your dream clients but as long as they do the following, how you present the information is completely up to you and whatever fits your personal brand identity (and what piques the interest of your niche!).


Take a potentially complex element within your expertise and apply the KISS rule (keep it simple, silly!). If there’s an easier way to do something, share it! You’ll be a saviour to whoever needs it and it allows you to strut your stuff proving your authority in your field. How-Tos, training, and other more educational material fit into this type of content.

Show Up

Share some of what happens on your side of the screen. Behind the scenes, personal stories, values & opinions can go a long way in connecting deeply with your audience. This is a great place to show your vulnerability, share some personal history, transformative events, and day-to-day adventures. If you’re participating in something cool (personally or professionally), tell your audience so you can all rally together and open more doors for meaningful connection & conversation.

Shift Perspectives

Take the time to call out their BS and limiting beliefs. Bust a myth and present an alternate point of view that does a better job at solving your audience’s struggles than their current way of doing things. This can get touchy for some people which is awesome if it’s on-brand for you to really stir the pot. If not, you can tactfully acknowledge the original perspective while presenting your new way of thinking. Transformations on this level are profound and often put your audience in a state of action.

Conversion happens easiest when your audience knows, likes, and trusts you. Using these engagement boosting techniques will provide ample opportunity for you to connect deeply, increase your brand visibility and establish yourself as an authority in your field. The snowball effect of consistent, strategic action in this space can 10X your business.

With a refined, goal-aligned content strategy, you have the ability to make a massive difference in the lives of your dream clients.

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