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Harry Potter with the Littles! {Start ‘em Young!}

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Am I the only one sitting here wondering if my almost threenager is old enough for Harry Potter? I mean, not just the ooohs and aaahs of clown magic. I mean the whole, “OMG kid, did you just see that blue Ford Anglia take a beating from the whomping Willow? Ron’s face: I can’t even!!” and “That’s right MAL-FOOOYYY, you just got your arse handed to you by a girl!” and, let’s not forget all the tears shed for our beloved favourites… you know who I mean! *sniffles* Yeah, I thought it might be a little early for that.

I am so excited for the day I can joke with my kiddos about all the fun, nonsensical business Dumbledore gets up to - I mean, Look:

Ah, heaven love him.

There’s no shortage of memes, tumblr posts, pinterest pins, and super-fan blog articles about the little secrets hidden throughout and in between the lines of everything HP. The Pottermore website is fantastic for enthusiasts - addicts - like me but it doesn't stop there!The Hog’s Head website offers some pretty interesting insights and there are always a ton of lists floating around out there that include “never before” seen/heard of/ discovered HP trivia and tidbits like those revealed here.

But how do we translate all of this treasure into a tangible, relatable, lovable world for our Littles? Sometimes it feels like it would be as difficult as trying to break into - or out of! - Gringotts bank...

Well, actually, it turns out there’s a whole online world for Potter-head parents too! From baby nurseries to parties - for kids AND adults! - to learning activities for older kids - who are oh-so-close to understanding the wealth between those bewitching pages! Someone even found a way to make an HP Monopoly Board for family night!

As you can see, you can literally start at any age! People have held fantastical baby showers and even used HP as a healing tool for their very early baby delivery. With a little luck - no Felix Felicis potions please - and some muggle-made magic sprinkled into your little’s upbringing, you might just get the chance to really put your Potter know-how to good use! AND when they are grown enough, not only will you be able to chatter about the fun, fluffy stuff from the movies but you can delve deeper into the series’ influence on everything from politics and psychology to relationship advice and gossip.

After all that - and I’m only stopping myself because I now want to go re-read the series, - can you tell I like Harry Potter?

Now, I'm not calling myself a super-fan or anything - I don’t have a wall painted with the first page of the book, a baby nursery to rival the burrow, or a secret shrine in my house... - but I do have a Harry Potter board on Pinterest - follow me! - AND I happen to hold a very special place in my heart and soul for that book series and everything related to it. I am so-very-much looking forward to sharing that passion with all of the little witches and wizards in my life even if it just starts with them asking what is on my magical mug.

I'm eager to hear about your relationship with this book series! Did you LOVE it, like I did? or was it not up your alley? Tell me in the COMMENTS!

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