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If I Could Turn Back Time (Date Night!...without kids)

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

We all have those moments when we wish we could just have a break and go back to the time when me-time really meant me-time. When your hands were free and you could have a drink, read a book, listen to loud music, or even just sit down to dinner without the constant interruption that having children brings. Then, the mystical day arrives and you’ve got yourself a babysitter,you're all dolled up and ready to have an anniversary dinner - alone - with your husband… and all you can think about is leaving your sweet, little love bug with someone else and your heart breaks. How could you have even thought of leaving the little tootsie roll behind?

If you're anything like me there's also a mix of neurotic control over the situation at stake too; the what ifs of leaving your small child in another person's care - even if it's your own mother who has, clearly, raised and nurtured a few awesome kids in her lifetime - can cause even the most relaxed parent lose their chill. You leave the lists, the phone numbers, the dos and don'ts, the bottles, binkies, blankets, and boobie milk. It's all set out neat and orderly… well, it's set out anyway. You’re worried that all you and your hubby will talk about is the kids. Youère already thinking about when you’re going to message your mom - constantly - to check in. You worry and fret, then you kiss your baby seventeen - million - times and make all sorts of excuses to linger at the door until - finally - you make it to the car and on your way to the local fancy restaurant.

You get into your car - not the van with the car seats, no no no, the adults only vehicle >> ooooo-aaaaaaah, freedom! - and what does your husband turn on the radio? Cher! - hahahaha! No, I’m not kidding, it really happened - The song? If I could turn back time; how appropriate for these few short hours of being childless, independent adults again! No volume restrictions, windows wide open, jamming to Cher. It’s the makings for a great night!

It really is; try it!

We ate fancy food, drank wine, and talked about adult things - not the yukky stuff like taxes, bills, and *shudder* debt - more like aspirations, good music, and plans for future adventures. We discovered new and interesting things about ourselves and each other throughout our - uninterrupted - conversation.We laughed, took unnecessary pictures, and even sang! The waitress was kind and helpful; we even got free dessert because it was our anniversary.

Near the end of our outing, we noticed a baby two tables over who we couldn’t stop looking and smiling lovingly at while thinking of your own little beauties at home and we knew it was time to go - back to reality. We only received a few short messages during our outing about how much food our toddler ate and how well the baby took to the bottle. We were so engrossed with enjoying the evening that we didn't have time to worry unnecessarily.

Lesson learned after being nervous about the first time leaving the littles at home while you go out: do it! They’ll be fine and you’ll be better off! The hubby and I have decided to make this a monthly - if not bi-weekly - event! It’s so refreshing to be reminded that you are your own person and not just a slave to tiny ring masters till the end of days! It’s also reassuring to know that you are, in fact, still capable of functioning like a sane adult out in the *gasp* real world!

So go out, with or without your significant other, and live a little. Remind yourself of who you were before you had kids - and even listen to a little Cher while you’re at it - cause who you were back then can, and should, totally influence who you are today as a parent. Show those munchkins how freakin cool you were and are so that they can follow in your awesome footsteps! My childless days were fantastic and my date night was superb but I’ll be honest, if I could turn back time, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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