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What I'm Writing and Why

Have you ever had your head buzzing with fabulously genius ideas so you run upstairs to write them all down only to find that your house elves still haven't folded and put away the laundry that you left on your bed in the morning? Then, in your agitated state, you further realize that you don't have any house elves and Hogwarts forgot to send you your letter, and you're really just an over-worked, book-aholic, ‘mombie’ with aspirations bigger than your to-be-read pile?

No? Well then, you're missing out.

Day-to-day life is filled with moments such as this for us parents who love our nerdy worlds as much as our real world. Our kids are amazing little beings who fill our hearts to the brim but some days I’m not sure which side of the force mine are leaning toward.

I mean, we watch Disney movies and read books with good morals and have family time and stuff but when they're asked to recount these activities all they can remember is that the crab from Moana ate his “humongous” grandma and they laugh and laugh…

I've gotta admit though, that crab’s hilarious… - the whole song *Shiny!* - and lines like, “You can’t run from me! Oh you can; you keep surprising me!” -

See, hilarious ... but that's not the point.

I suppose the point is that being a parent is tough. No matter how hard you try to live up to the imaginary (and somehow ridiculously high) standards you have set for yourself, you find that your kids don't give a hoot.

The thing is, they are who they are just as much as we are who we are and there's not all that much we can do about it. All we, as parents, can do with our kids is ride the waves, up and down, hoping for the best.

So, here's where this blog comes in! Everyone has their way of dealing with the frustrations of parenthood; there's always going to be a little bad with the good. My way of dealing - other than with wine - is through writing.

The HP obsessed scenario described above is largely the way this whole blog thing started; or at least how it apexed. I love writing and I love learning and I love parenting and I love being in a community of like-minded, supportive people.

I reveal more than I ought to, wearing my heart on my sleeve, in an attempt at what I consider to be honesty and truthfulness - sometimes coming across carelessly and more blunt than intended-. This isn't always well received and I've had more than my fair share of ‘haters’ but “haters gonna hate (hate, hate, hate, hate).”

*cue musical interlude with choreographed dance routine*





… aaaannd because of this I’ve managed to weed out the weak and have developed a strong, intelligent, and fierce group of friends (who are parents, and not) who, I know, will support me through thick and thin.

I always encourage open conversation about anything and everything that could possibly, maybe, slightly relate to parenthood - and let's be honest, almost everything *can* - all while also venting sharing my own experiences and opinions to the world in blog form.

(Why do I hear those last words in the giant crab’s voice - whose name is Tomatoa, by the way - ? Oh yeah, because I've only watched Moana 3x/day for the past 2 weeks and, although admitting it for the second time pains me, this scene is another one of the pretty hilarious reasons why I love that character.)

My weekly (or maybe more, we’ll see) blog posts will be written with love - and a glass... or bottle of wine - even though I will, like so many of us, have to use up my valuable sleep time to fulfill the so-called ‘me-time’ required to complete anything. However, like Tomatoa and his singing, “I will gladly do so!”

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