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10 Tips for Creating Engaging, Authentic Content Regardless of the Platform

You’ve heard the phrase “Content is King” so you’ve invested heaps of time into creating content for your business but it seems as though it’s falling on deaf ears - so to speak. You’ve got one or two likes and comments - usually from your mom or best friend - but nothing seems to be standing out to your dream clients. At least, not in the way you’d like it to.

This might be an over-exaggeration but if you’re here then you’ve likely reached a plateau or experienced a dip in the level of engagement within your community or audience base. The trouble is that entrepreneurs can easily get caught up in the trap of creating content just for the sake of creating it. You wind up wasting your time, spinning your wheels, and getting frustrated with your lack of progress. This can lead to feelings of failure and simply not showing up - at least not as your best self.

Let’s attract your ideal clients, create intrigue, and spur action with these 10 tips for creating engaging authentic content:

1. DON’T obsess over vanity metrics.

First of all, wallflowers buy too. Also, the algorithm changes constantly. Although it helps to have optimized hashtags and media types, they still need to be a good fit for you and your audience, not necessarily what's trending.

2. DON’T reinvent the wheel.

Writing new content for each platform will burn you out. Some formats are favoured on different platforms so you can edit an existing piece of content to fit their parameters - content repurposing. Don't stress over creating all new content for each space.

3. DON’T use pre-done templates or scripts.

They’re detached, contrived, boring and overdone. Instead, create your own custom templates to reuse with true-to-you, relevant topics and themes that your audience actually wants to engage with.

4. DO market research.

Hang out where your dream clients are and figure out what their true needs are. Drop the jargon and use your audience’s language. Answer their questions and ask a few of your own to see what they’re actually interested in.

5. DO stay on brand.

Be authentic and clear in voice, tone, and messaging. Fitting into others’ cookie-cutter ideas of success will only cut off the most valuable parts of yourself - the stuff that lets you stand out and get noticed by your dream clients.

6. DO use eye-catching media.

Quotes, relevant data, and images are scroll stoppers that allow you to pull your audience deeper into your world. When optimized, they will add credibility to your offers and motivate action.

7. DO tell a story.

There are many ways to tell a story. Don’t be held back by traditional styles and fluffy language - make it your own. If you’re blunt, be blunt; if you’re outspoken, be outspoken; if you’re timid, be timid; but share anyway - take them on your journey.

8. DO format for flow.

Easy reading can make a massive impact on whether or not your audience is engaging. Use subheadings and bullets to make your content scannable so they can get the gist of the information and respond quickly and easily.

9. DO create a transformation.

Give your audience the opportunity to make a realization that changes their

perspective on their current situation. Use tips & tricks so they can quickly & easily achieve success. Deepen a connection and nurture the relationship.

10. DO stir the pot.

Present a polarizing idea and invite a respectful discussion. Make sure that you are staying industry-specific, authentic to you, and relevant to your audience’s needs. People love sharing opinions, advice, and personal stories - invite them to do so.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to for more information on increasing engagement with your community and boosting conversion with simple and authentic copy that not only converts but feels good too.

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