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  • The client required a research based informational brochure on the physical and psychological effects of smoking that was geared toward the working class public. Project needed to be reader friendly, thoroughly edited, and visually appealing. After reviewing the final draft, the client was pleased with the end result and distributed the brochure in an academic, clinical setting.

  • The client required a medication administration data collection strategy. Easy-to-read, descriptive instructions were given to management, to be used by staff, along with a daily medication administration check-list. Data was collected and assessed every four weeks to determine if any changes needed to be made in order to increase desired medication administration activity. Collected data was organized into a reader friendly final document with info-graphics and presented to be further assessed by a psychiatrist.

  • The client needed specific information regarding an individual in care to be presented in an easy to read, well-organized, and informative document that would be used to introduce new staff to the intricacies of the individual in question. Further, everyday assessments were required and constructed to be used by any staff, new or seasoned, to chart/document any pertinent information about the individual. Considerable research was done to obtain the specific, personalized information necessary to complete the mandatory fields in the documents. I was required to follow specific guidelines and principles while using particular, legally accepted documents in order to properly fulfil the task. It was later reviewed and approved by my superiors as well as select personal affiliates of the regarded individual and published for regular reference use by employees of the agency.